Opioid Addiction

We are facing a major national crisis due to the abuse of opiates and other drugs. Colorado is not immune; this epidemic is having a devastating effect in our urban corridors as well as rural areas.  It not only impacts the users and their families, but it imposes tremendous costs on our schools, hospitals, places of employment, jails, and our state’s judicial system.

I will marshall all the necessary resources of the Attorney General’s office to attack this problem.  I will ensure that our citizens are educated about the warning signs and dangers attendant to use of these drugs, and that abusers are identified and diverted to appropriate treatment programs.  Our health care institutions will need to be properly funded and their employees trained to address the many aspects of this problem, and health insurers must afford coverage for the treatment programs.  

I will vigorously enforce our drug trafficking laws, and protect Coloradans from doctors who over prescribe opiates and related drugs as well as from pharmaceutical companies that illicitly cause addiction in the name of corporate profits.  Just as I have throughout my legal career, as the state’s Attorney General I will work everyday to make Colorado a safe place for all its citizens.