“From the beginning of our retaining Brad as our attorney, I very quickly trusted him because it was evident Brad knows the law and he’s a skilled lawyer. His years of experience combined with his strong commitment to me as a client helped ensure the best outcomes for my business. Brad lays out the facts efficiently and effectively with a high degree of candidness and integrity. Brad will be a great Attorney General, because he’s honest, treats people fairly, and you can count on him to fight on behalf of all citizens.”

Todd Dutkin
CEO, Co Fresca Foods

“Having hired Brad Levin to represent me and my family’s interests throughout the challenges of two major lawsuits, he has shown impeccable integrity, passionate advocacy, and an effective approach to solving problems.

Mr. Levin has climbed to the summit of a career built upon advocacy not only for his clients, but for the citizens of Colorado.  As Coloradans, we could not be better served than having Mr. Levin as Attorney General to oversee and to protect everything we love about Colorado.  Brad Levin’s career evidences a profound awareness of the job he is hired to do for his clients, and would do for the citizens of Colorado.”

Jody Newman

“I am a Denver lawyer and have known Brad Levin for about 30 years.  Brad and I have been on the opposite side of many cases.  We have occasionally been on the same side.  Brad embodies the virtues of the legal profession and none of the vices.  He is both honest and a fierce advocate for his clients.  He does his homework.  He is a masterful legal tactician.  He never gives up.

Much of Brad’s legal work has been representing individuals who are battling with giant insurance companies.  Those are David and Goliath types of cases.  Brad has changed many people’s lives for the better by taking on hard, but necessary, fights. I think those are the qualities we want in a Colorado Attorney General.  Brad will fight for the interests of ordinary citizens.  He is not a career politician beholden to special interests on either side of the political spectrum.  Isn’t it about time we had an Attorney General like that?”

Mike McConnell
Denver Attorney

I have worked in law enforcement for many years and have collaborated with many people in the criminal justice system. Brad is genuinely a Crusader for Justice. Brad has proven he can effectively work with various stakeholders to solve problems and understands how to protect everyone in our state. As an attorney he has taken on even the most powerful special interests to advocate for his clients and he has done it with courage, integrity, and a commitment to make our community a better place. Brad possesses the type of leadership that will both protect citizen’s rights and support law enforcement. I have no doubt he is exactly what Colorado needs in the Office of the Attorney General.

Jimmy Martinez
Command Officer, 35 Years in Colorado Law Enforcement

Although I have been a registered Republican for many years, I am enthusiastically supporting Democrat Brad Levin for Colorado Attorney General.  I have known Brad for many years and I greatly respect his dedication and excellence in the practice of law, his ability to solve complex legal issues, and for his many contributions to our community.

Brad genuinely is concerned about Colorado’s future and the need to represent all the people of our great state!  Brad has built and sustained long lasting relationships in our community over the years, is respected on both  sides of the aisle and possesses the knowledge and skill necessary to create bipartisan solutions to any difficulties that will appear in the future. Brad is the best choice for Attorney General of the State of Colorado.

Meyer M. Saltzman
CPA, Retired

Brad was highly recommended to me for legal counsel after I sustained large and multiple property damage costing millions of dollars to repair from the 2013 Colorado flood. For some three years he worked tirelessly on my behalf. During that time I gained great respect for his business sagacity, his keen insight to the legal system and his formidable reputation in same. He is a master technician and has the ability to balance, navigate and achieve successful results. I think Brad would make an excellent attorney general, he’s not a career politician. He is a hard-working reputable force in the Colorado judicial system.

Michael Berman
President, First Range Management Company

Brad Levin, as the leader of the state attorney general’s office and the more than 100 attorneys representing state agencies, will bring a high standard for legal representation to the office. He will make thoughtful policy choices that reflect his years of volunteer service in the public sector and as an esteemed lawyer.

Jean E. Dubofsky
First Woman Supreme Court Justice of Colorado
Former Deputy Attorney General